The Beauty of Painting with Acrylics

The Beauty of Painting with Acrylics

Acrylics are considered to be the most versatile and permanent material at artists’ disposal today. Acrylis colors are composed of the same pigments used in oil colors mixed in a base of acrylic resin. They are quick drying, have a super-brilliant quality, reflecting light from within the paint film, and a rubbery flexibility which they retain as they age.

Acrylics offer many advantages:

  • speed of drying permits over-painting and glazing to proceed in minutes
  • no danger of cracking, peeling or yellowing with age
  • canvas needs only to be stretched and primed with acrylic primer – sizing is not necessary
  • thinned with water; clean-up is easy
  • minimal odors and fumes; non-flammable
  • insoluble and permanent when dry
  • can be used on a wide variety of grounds from canvas, to burlap and cloth of all kinds, papers, wall board, plastic, and masonry

The biggest drawback in working with acrylics is matching color. Different pigments tend to darken or lighten when dry, so practice is needed to achieve consistent results. Techniques are the same as for oil painting, though a painting can be completed in a much shorter time.





Our lives are bombarded with information; the days can feel saturated with digital overload. It can be challenging to find quiet, a space in the day to think, meditate and be creative. Artwork expresses a response to the world, offering answers, ideas and escapes. Joni Taube, owner and art consultant at Art 3 Gallery explains that “Distractions” developed from clients’ suggestions. “Art has always been about escape, and we all need an escape sometimes. Our gallery works with business and residential clients, and often they have a goal – use art to reflect, relax and regroup. A momentary distraction is definitely not a bad thing, at home or in the workplace”. Art 3 Gallery presents the work of over 75 local and regional artists who welcome the opportunity to distract viewers with art!


“Through the Artist’s Eyes”

Through the Artists’ Eyes

The summer show at Art 3 Gallery will open on June 21 with an afternoon reception from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. Join us to view the work of over 90 local and regional artists, focusing on the perspective of the world as seen through an artist’s eye.

All artists celebrate beauty, recognizing what is special about even the most ordinary. In a collection of shapes, colors and textures, “Through the Artist’s Eyes” is all about the artists’ interpretations of life, and the stories and meanings depicted in their art.

“I am always in awe of the artwork we have here at the Gallery, and this show explodes in a kaleidoscope of color”, says Joni Taube, owner and curator of Art 3 Gallery. “Visual language allows the viewer to explore the artist’s imagination, providing insight into life and to transform moments, memories and the mundane into a work of art.” Capturing the morning light, the reflection of water, or the noise of a street scene, the artwork is alive with energy. “Through the Artist’s Eye” features a mixture of traditional, contemporary and abstract works exploring the patterns and rhythms of everyday life.


Bathroom Art

Bathroom Art

Any time is an opportune time for renovations and it sounds like many of you are taking on bathroom projects! Most types of artwork can enhance a bathroom with no shower. Steam and humidity in your private or guest bath have to be considered when decidng on the type of artwork to hang. Mildew and mold are always an issue in a bathroom with a shower. A general rule of thumb is to avoid anything on paper. Oil and acrylics will work if done on masonite, panel, or board. Dimensional pieces such as ceramic, glass, and metals are great options to finish the space. If you need suggestions or another set of eyes, give us a call!

We are here Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. And evenings and weekends by appointment.


Frame Your Artwork

Frame Your Artwork

Use custom framing to enhance the beauty of any artwork. Personalize the artwork for your office or home to make it truly unique. At Art 3 Gallery, we take special care with every frame job to make sure that your artwork is a reflection of your own personal style as well as preserved for generations to come.

When matting your artwork, always choose 100% acid-free or archival matting. Paper mats will cause your artwork to suffer from “burning” – this is where the acid in the mat leaches into the artwork and causes discolorations and stains which, over time, are irreversible. You can add color to the frame design with a properly chosen mat or you can choose a neutral color, such as ecru or antique white, that will set off the artwork. Sometimes a very small piece can be surrounded by a very large mat which will enable you to focus on the art more easily.

As with the mat, be sure to choose a tape or adhesive that is also acid-free. Tape especially can cause yellowing and often will dry out over time causing your artwork to slip inside of the mat. To avoid this, framers use hinges made of handmade paper. The fibers in hinging tape adhere to the fibers in the mat and paper, forming a bond that will hold the artwork in place safely and securely. Hinging is most often used for illustrations and paper pieces, such as watercolors.

Do not let the glass directly touch the surface of the artwork being framed. Over time moisture in the air will cause the glass to stick and ruin your piece. Avoid this by using spacers that go behind the glass, separating it from the artwork. Spacers can also be used as an aesthetic element creating depth in the framing design. A properly chosen mat will also achieve separation of glass and art. Choose conservation or museum glass to protect your art from the damaging effects of the sun which can dry out, fade or yellow the work.
Visit Art 3 Gallery and let one of our framing professionals help you to make your artwork the best that it can be.