Painting with Oils (part 2)

Painting with Oils (part 2)

Techniques associated with oil painting are as varied as the colors available.

  • Preliminary – an artist may start with a sketch in pencil or paint
  • Underpainting – the canvas is coated with a solid color that may or may not be revealed by the artwork itself
  • Impasto – thickly applied paint providing a rich textural surface
  • Glazing – thin films of color are applied with a soft brush to achieve richness and tonality
  • Scumbling – freely brushed dry or nearly dry paint over a colored background
  • Chiaroscuro – utilizing strong light and shadows
  • Staining – freely applied thinned oil paint to unprimed canvas
  • Stippling – building up areas of color with small marks

Putting all of this together with the variety of materials allows an artist to create a work of art that will last through the generations.