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Exploration: Line/Shape/Form


Exploration – June 2024

Exploration: Line/Shape/Form

We are busy hanging artwork at the gallery for the next exhibit titled “Exploration: Line/Shape/Form.” We hope to have everything in place by June 10 and encourage you to stop into the gallery to check things out. As before, there will be videos too and there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

Line – one dimensional; shape – two dimensional; form – three dimensional: all the essential components of artistry. Line is the basic building block having length but no width or depth. Thickness, direction and curvature are the characteristics that define line. Shape has height and width and whether fragmented or balanced, shapes contribute to the overall composition of a work. Form implies volume and mass and this adds to the realism and depth of a composition. How an artist chooses to create, allows the viewer to contemplate how line, shape, and form influence our perceptions, emotions, and experiences of the world around us.

The gallery is open and free to the public Monday – Friday from 12:30 to 4:00 pm or by appointment.


The Power of Art – Videos

The Power of Art

The Power of Art


Art in any form – paintings, sculpture, photographs, or
mixed-media – is an attempt by the artist to express an idea or
stimulate an emotion through mediums such as color, texture,
line, shape, and form. Art has the power to change the way
we see the world, awakening us to new perspectives, ideas, and values.




Art does not have to be oil paint on canvas or board. Some artists
choose to create in stone, glass, ceramic, or fiber. Others choose
pastel or watercolor. Each artist personalizes their work by choosing
a medium that calls to them. The new exhibit “Multi-Mediums” at
Art 3 Gallery offers all the myriad choices that an artist can make.
“Multi-Mediums” on display through April 30, 2023.


Layered: Color and Texture

Layered: Color and Texture

The interplay between color and texture is an important part of any artwork. The tactile quality of an object’s
surface appeals to the sense of touch. Whereas creating hidden depths of light and color with layers of
paint and glaze attract the viewer’s sense of sight.
Art 3 Gallery hopes that all of your senses will be engaged by our new exhibit!


Artful Escapes


The end of 2021 brings Art 3 Gallery’s new show titled “Artful Escapes.” Everyone is looking forward to getting out and about again. Wherever you have been hoping to go, whether planning trips to an island beach, a secluded mountain-top, or even a quiet backyard, it can be a vacation or a staycation, an actual moment in time or an imaginary universe – the artists have realized your dreams in 2D and 3D, in oil, acrylic, glass, and ceramic. On display December 1 through January 31, 2022.