Art at Work

Art at Work

There is a reason why “cube farms” in corporate America have given way to bright, open, collaborative work spaces filled with art and expression. Gray-walled cubes were restrictive, not only physically but mentally as well – cramping imaginations and creativity. Here’s why thinking changed:

1.) Art boosts productivity. Although the reasons aren’t clear, art stimulates employees to work harder and smarter. Employees worked quicker in enhanced environments, and more so if they had any personal input on the art in their surroundings.

2.) Art stimulates creativity. Oftentimes, seeing things from another person’s perspective can pull you out of a creative rut.

3.) Art reduces stress. Take a mental vacation. Pushing away from your desk and taking a break in an art filled space gives you a chance to reset.

4.) Art enhances communication. Art elicits an emotional response from the viewer and can open conversation and interpersonal connections in the workplace.

Still not convinced to add some art to your business’ walls? Well, how long has that old marketing poster been staring at you?