Debra Corbett


Debra Corbett is constantly exploring new visual possibilities and the process is as exciting as the finished result Her work strives to create interesting surfaces for the viewer while allowing them to form their own definition. With a process that includes plaster, acrylic paints , metallic pigments and several gel mediums, the attention to detail and evocative nature of her work are hard to deny.Although her work is abstract in nature, Debra strives for some order and balance in a spontaneous composition. Using nature as her inspiration, she often paints on location capturing certain patterns of light in loose and expressive brushstrokes. Debra produces paintings with a unique surface quality using acrylics, gel mediums, plaster and powdered pigments. Her tools range from brushes to plastic strips to palette knives.
Artists Statement: “Each painting originates without a pre-conceived idea. Surface texture is the foundation for it’s development. As the work develops, I search for the image to emerge and make itself known. Plaster, paint and various glaze mediums are layered, subtracted and manipulated using various tools. The finished result gives the viewer a unique surface that has a rich, almost sculptural feel. My work is all about surface. Although abstract in nature I strive for some order and balance among with spontaneous composition. I want there to be some sense of mystery to the painting. I hope that you, the viewer, have a true emotional response to the work. I invite you to linger awhile and discover new imagery, meaning and joy every time you look at it.”