Tricia Gibbs


Tricia Gibbs moved to New Hampshire in the 1990s and finds comfort in the old farms and open spaces that reminded her of her native Midwest. A graduate of the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Tricia is now an adjunct professor at NHIA and pursuing a Masters in Fine Art.
Artist Statement: My work begins with what I have termed the “everyday ordinary”. I transform these personal everyday objects and observations into meaningful icons using light, shadow, and a simplified palette, reminiscent of the Dutch painters of the 17th century. Capturing these fragments of our observations, these frequently overlooked, often invisible compliments to our daily lives allow me to place, on canvas, simplified compositions of a life’s story and the simple beauty inherent in things of which we are constantly surrounded.
My art is primarily influenced by two things: the techniques and palettes of artists ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary Realist painters, and objects that define a specific place, either in time or setting. I hope to convey a classic tradition with a contemporary style by using simplified palettes and compositions in combination with solitary, familiar objects and a distinct light source.