Julia Berkley


Julia R. Berkley's artwork can be found in private and corporate collections, including the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, as well as Children’s Hospital and UMass Memorial Medical Center in Massachusetts. She has exhibited at the Danforth Museum, the Fitchburg Art Museum, and the Concord Art Association, among others.

Julia was born in New Jersey, raised in Pennsylvania, and migrated to New England during her college years. A graduate of Wesleyan University, she worked in the creative end of publishing before finding her own artistic vision.

Artist’s Statement:
I create abstract art that is evocative of organic forms, often through landscape. Questions I ask: What emerges above the horizon line? What lies beneath the surface, both literally and metaphorically? Using texture, color, and layering to explore these themes — initially through textile collage and now through paint and other media — my approach is primarily intuitive. My intention is to create contemplative, restorative, and often playful art that resonates with viewers in their personal and professional spaces.