Charyl Weissbach


Boston artist Charyl Weissbach has a BFA in painting and Art History from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Charyl's work demonstrates two uniquely different styles. In some, her encaustic and metal leaf on Belgian linen, creates a sense of design through patterns of flowers and leaves or trees. These works have become the Balsam Poplar Series and are based on a tree in the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University. In her MetalScapes Series, Charyl uses encaustic, resin, and metal on panel, and hones down her composition to a minimalist evocation of color and form. These works are about the vastness of nature. Images of Charyl's paintings are featured in Encaustic Works 2012: A Biennial Exhibition in Print, 100 Artists of New England, Boston Magazine's Design Home, and in the book, Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century. She has presented at the International Encaustic Conference.
Artist Statement: I explore nature’s vastness, movement, and distinguished beauty. These elements emit an aesthetic sensation of harmony, the illusion of timelessness, and feelings of inspiration, that transcend space, and time. The imagery of my work does not accurately represent nature; rather, I try to unveil an abstraction of its character, capturing some of its infinite variations of ethereal beauty.