Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink “Magnolia Blooms”

PRICE: $400.00
SIZE: 8 x 10 inches
MEDIUM: oil on board

Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink

Tatiana V. Yanovskaya Sink was born in Ukraine. The only child of working class parents, Tatiana was raised in a Soviet-style “doma” in Ukraine's largest industrial city just 550 miles south of Moscow. Throughout her school years she was exposed to the paintings of the greatest Russian and Ukrainian traditional artists. She started to study drawing and painting while living in Ukraine. However, she began seriously pursuing her art in 1998 after moving to New England. She became a member of several art associations of the South Shore area of Boston and continued to study and train, focusing on obtaining a much deeper knowledge of drawing and painting.
Tatiana's love of Russian Traditional paintings is everlasting. A special place in her heart belongs to the superb works of Russian artists Repin, Serov, Nicolai Fechin, I. Kramskoy and many other great Russian painters.