Rob Meyers “A Quiet Lake”

30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas

Rob Meyers

En plein air, a French term meaning “in open air,” refers to the practice of painting outside rather than in a studio. As a plein air painter, Rob Meyers depicts the landscape of New England with a keen eye for the influence of changing light on color. His paintings, as a result, are alive with movement and luminescence. As a native New Englander, Meyers has worked in all types of weather, able to catch the essence of the region’s farms, shoreline, lakes, and towns with masterly economy. From Todds Point to Point Sebago, from mid-coast Maine to Cape Cod, he pursues his subjects with determined passion, an unerring sense of composition, and a highly developed sensitivity to color, producing works of art that no mere “reproduction” of the natural environment could ever achieve. Even as he has returned to his roots as a trained studio artist, the "en plein air" feeling and immediacy in his acrylic works remains evident.