Peter Agrafiotis “Indian Summer”

34 x 44 inches, acrylic on panel

Peter Agrafiotis

Peter Agrafiotis was born in Manchester, NH. In his youth he had little interest in formal education of any kind and after just a year of college in Massachusetts he moved to Southern Maine to work as a reporter and to paint. From 1978 to 1985, he owned, edited, and published his own humorous publication, CLUE, “America’s Only Vacation Magazine That’s Sarcastic.”

Agrafiotis sold CLUE in 1985 in favor of a full-time painting career, and over time he garnered four nominations for awards at the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He then painted exclusively for more than twenty years but eventually returned to alternating fiction writing with painting in the decade before 2014, the year he published his first novel, a satire on the arts titled This Is Not My Bathing Suit.

Agrafiotis also enjoys architectural design and stonework. Since the seventies when he began building his home and studio near the sea in Southern Maine he has perpetually enhanced the edifice with arches, unusual glass, trellises, waterfalls, fountains and unusual stone structures of many kinds.

Artist’s Statement:
My love of nature leads me not to want to copy it (what would be the point of that?), but to present a semi-abstract, emotionally-charged colorist evocation of the natural world. By “colorist” I mean that subjects – trees or skies or water – can be any color that makes the image more dynamic and mysterious. Athough I employ a narrow palette for each painting. And by “abstract” I mean that qualities like perspective and space are at times reduced and controlled to create a sense of a breathing image moving forward toward the viewer. My landscapes usually have very little land – that is, little or no ground plane, more often having a ground plane of water. And water is reflective, translucent and transparent, like the air above. Therefore, the entire image can have the same sensation of being light suffused. The effect then is not of “painting as window,” but of painting as a light and color emitting surface – something that glows and evokes natural light but allows for the imagination to project an altered reality of paint.

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