Nancy Howell “Swinging Free”

16 x 20 inches, watercolor

Nancy Howell

A well known Massachusetts artist and teacher, Nancy Howell has drawn from the patterns and textures of everyday life to create paintings that range in mood from serene to energetic. Nancy was educated at Skidmore College where she was a teaching assistant in a drawing class. Her understanding of how color works and her unique teaching style have made her a popular and much sought after instructor. Although some of her work shows a strong influence from her relative, John Singer Sargent, Ms. Howell paints in a full range of styles from traditional landscapes and florals to non-representational abstracts.
Besides teaching watercolor and acrylic classes in Scituate MA , Nancy also leads workshops to Europe and throughout the United States.
Nancy is a past president of the New England Watercolor Society, a past president of the North River Arts Society and former vice-president of the Copley Society of Art in Boston.

Her work has been collected by individuals and corporations throughout the U.S. and has been published in several books, as well as Gourmet magazine.