Mary Jane Andreozzi “Mystic”

PRICE: $400.00
SIZE: 12 x 12 inches
MEDIUM: acrylic on panel with resin

Mary Jane Andreozzi

Mary Jane Andreozzi is inspired by the grace, strength, and beauty of the natural world. She searches for the same sense of balance and harmony in her images that she observes in nature. She is interested in expressing an inner energy that leans towards symbolism and becomes more than a realistic rendering.
Artist Statement: Exploring methods and materials is an important component to my work process. For the series of wax drawings on wood and stone I found myself inspired by the forms found in the wood itself and my imagery moved towards abstraction. Currently I am working in this method where my initial connection is to the forms in the wood and stone. The design grows organically into what feels like a balance between my own insight combined with the natural form.