Lynette Melnyk “Things You Say to Me”

30 x 42 inches, acrylic on canvas

Lynette Melnyk

About the Art:
Lynette Melnyk creates lyrical abstraction paintings that connect with people’s emotions. Her interpretations of different genres of music and dance are captured on the canvas. The curvaceous strokes and fluid movements in her work are representative of an elegant strength found in her soul. Her paintings help the viewer take a deeper look into their own winding and personal journey of life and reminisce with different songs and playlists. The results are serendipitous, spiritual, enriching, and joyful.
“My artwork is a continuation of my personal growth. More confidence and more trust in myself to take more leaps and be bold. I have a sensitive, as well as an edgy, aspect in my art that is flowing out onto canvases in expressive movements. There is a little dance and music in every painting.”
Lynette’s goal is to engage and inspire viewers to find a little more connection in their life. To connect through the captivating flow of movements, the masterful use of color palettes and the depth of layers in her work. Her art communicates a meaningful authenticity and a passion to encourage emotions and conversations. Emotions to help people be bold and fearless, believe in themselves, and live out loud!

Lynette is rapidly building a strong following of collectors in Canada, the US, Europe, and the UK. Lynette has been involved in creative endeavors throughout her life, with formal education in interior design, visual communication design, photography and painting. She owned and operated a successful design, marketing and corporate communications company for over 20 years and continues to evolve her passion for the creative communication process through her art.