Judith Shah “Moon Over Water”

PRICE: $1800.00
SIZE: 24" x 24"
MEDIUM: mixed media on panel

Judith Shah

New Hampshire artist Judith Shah graduated from Boston University School for the Arts, receiving a bachelor of fine arts and a master’s of fine arts with concentrations in art education and studio art. After teaching in the Weston, Mass., public schools, she went on to teach three-dimensional art at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Mass.
Artist Statement:
My non-objective paintings celebrate the vibrancy of intuitive marks that seem to develop from the subconscious. As I apply collage and acrylic paint the layers gently camouflage the flowing forms taking shape and multiplying. In recent works I take cues from legendary abstract expressionists and color field painters, carefully laying down choice collage papers, dripping paint and using engaging chroma. These fresh works are idiosyncratically strong and are either of subtle tones or delightfully rich in color