Johniene Papandreas “The Bargain”

26 x 93 inches, casein on muslin

Johniene Papandreas

Johniene Papandreas transformed a design career in the New York theatre into a business designing Corporate Theatre and Events before returning to fine art. Her travels in the heightened world of theatre and sometimes surreal world of Corporate America contribute largely to the insights into human nature she explores in her work.
I am fascinated with subtext -- Reading between the lines -- Tuning in to the unspoken. Mine are portraits of imagined selves, damaged, passionate, and hidden selves. Expressions captured of a moment thought private, unobserved, before the retreat-- before the walls go back up. Guided by past Masters, passionate in their revelation of the human condition, I seek out the souls that populate their paintings--The complex expressions, hidden agendas, and faces stripped of artifice, laid bare by ecstasy. Lifting them out of their place and time I take them as my models. I listen carefully and translate. Your eyes meet theirs -- Something is familiar -- you connect, and across the centuries spirits speak.