John Sirois “Mannequin”

24 x 30 inches, oil on canvas

John Sirois

John Sirois is an artist who has become a familiar sight on the roadsides and sidewalks of many New England towns. John paints on location as he is better able to capture the color and light by being out of doors. While John is a resident of the Monadnock area he also enjoys painting cityscapes and has painted extensively in Boston, New York City as well as various locations in Europe. John's training is varied, having studied with Sid Willis, Don Stone, Lois Griffel and the late Charles Sovek.
Artist Statement:
The process of creating a painting, for me, reaches many levels. Some are basic and practical. Some evolve from a place that I cannot define. Since I came late to painting my motivation has always been to paint daily. Good weather, bad weather, traveling or at home I take paint brush in hand and put myself out of doors and that hard to define element takes over. The color and the texture of the paint combine to express the atmosphere and energy that I feel out in nature. I want always for the viewer to see colors, shapes, and textures they did not before realize were there. If a viewer can go on to glimpse some of these colors or aura in their daily lives my painting has succeeded.