Jeffrey Hayes “Teacup with Grapes”

PRICE: $425.00
SIZE: 4 x 4 inches
MEDIUM: acrylic on panel

Jeffrey Hayes

Painting is the third career in Jeff Hayes' life. The first two — first as a musician and then as a developer of internet software — still breathe their influence into his daily studio work. He feels that his experiences as a composer left him with very strong sensitivities to rhythm, line, balance, and harmony. Jeff's paintings begin with a moment of connection with a common object or scene: Fundamentally re-viewing something he has observed maybe hundreds of times, and realizing that it has within it the seed of a work of art. These quiet, peaceful, and intimate moments are for Jeff the essence of what it means to be an artist. Although Jeff loves creating landscapes outdoors, and enjoy the occasional challenge of a portrait, it's no accident that maybe three quarters of all the pieces he's ever done have been still lifes.