Heather Bentz “N.Y. City Subway”

PRICE: $475.00
SIZE: 10 x 10 inches
MEDIUM: mixed media on panel

Heather Bentz

As an artist it is my responsibility to not only observe the world closely but to comment on it. I am constantly looking, making mental notes and recording observations with my camera and sketchbook. I am obsessed with writing things down as I am afraid I will forget something--an incredible idea or a reference I'll need later on. I am interested in life, participating in it and finding beauty in the ordinary.
I balance my life between the studio, my garden, my family and where I am in the world. I'm observant and enjoy life. My vigilance of what's around me makes its way into my work--laundry lines, garden trellis, sewing patterns...I am a formalist but trust my process and method of working to explore and develop content in my work. I'm interested in surfaces that have history; imagery that is reminiscient of something familiar but not all told; design, pattern and structure that become my language and way of communicating visually what I see. I recycle, reuse, deconstruct and reconstruct in my process. It's play really.