Gail Sauter “Aah II”

4 x 8 inches, oil on panel

Gail Sauter

Gail Sauter obtained her BFA in painting from the University of Oklahoma where they are “very passionate about everything they do out there – especially football!” Gail threw her whole self into the ‘game’ of self-expression. As a military child, Gail moved often with her family, living in different cultures and in many parts of the United States, which gave her an insight into the universality of people around the world. As an avid traveler today, Gail paints on location near her home in Maine, as well as in Europe. She feels it is important that we reach out and connect with one another and share our sameness while celebrating our differences.
Artist Statement: These are paintings of visual memories - quickly glimpsed moments that remind us of someone we've known or someplace we've been. Exploring the boundaries of what we see and what we remember, I find magic in the flow of time that connects one moment with the next and I’m intrigued with the way a fleeting instant can dwell within us for a lifetime. I love to capture moments in which people are enjoying themselves, doing what they do, as they go about their everyday lives. Layering thick paint, rich colors and gestural brush work, I add a touch of whimsy as I explore their relationships, read their body language, and imagine who they might be. My work is triggered by direct observation, but the paintings are developed from visual memories — not the depiction of what I see, but, rather, the after-image that remains in my mind's eye. This distillation process allows me to move freely between observation, memory and invention, to expand my original experience, and to create a familiar, yet untold, story.