Deborah T. Colter “No Simple Highway”

PRICE: $3000.00
SIZE: 30 x 30 inches
MEDIUM: acrylic and mixed media on panel

Deborah T. Colter

Deborah Colter grew up in upstate New York. She has been greatly influenced by her father, a cartoonist at heart and an architect by profession. Deborah graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts.
Artist's Statement: My paintings come into existence through the combination of synthetic polymer paints, torn or cut up bits of collage, painted papers, marks of the hand, drawn or scribed, on canvas and paper. I seek a balance of energy, an order among chaos, a continual give and take that teeters between equilibrium and the breaking point.
In my process I coax the various mixed mediums into a compelling visual language. Creating something out of nothing and nurturing its transformation into a piece that is alive with energy, color and intrigue is my main objective.
To my eye, a painting needs to have rhythm, balance, harmony, life, and a spark of magic. My work is an exploration of non-objective abstraction that I find to be authentic and gratifying.