David Dunlop “Blue and Gold”

33 x 36 inches, oil on canvas

David Dunlop

David Dunlop, a Connecticut artist for twenty two years, is a modern-day old master whose luminous landscapes draw from both Renaissance techniques and contemporary science. David is admired for his relentless pursuit of researching the Old Masters by studying the primary sources such as the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci and Leon Alberti's 1436 instruction book, "Della Pictura". He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. He is on the faculty of the celebrated Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, CT, where he teaches painting, gives workshops and leads groups of art students to Italy, France and Japan.

During the fall and winter, David paints, teaches, and exhibits extensively in the East. In the summer, he teaches art classes in Italy. As an instructor in his own right, David pursues experimental methods and teaching techniques stretching back to the Renaissance. He has successfully integrated this past knowledge to his work by illuminating his paper and canvas landscapes with the application of oil paint on gold leaf. For the past several years, David has been painting on aluminum panels. Using oil paints and glazes, he builds translucent layers of color that still allow the gleam of the metal to break through. There is subtle movement in his pieces that mesmerize and draw the viewer in close.