Andrea Sawyer “Yes, I’m Listening”

PRICE: $2200.00
SIZE: 36 x 24 inches
MEDIUM: acrylic on canvas

Andrea Sawyer

Artistic from childhood, Andrea Sawyer was a late bloomer as a serious painter. A Portland, Maine area native now living in Provincetown, MA she paints the emotional power of the effect of light on objects. Many of her subjects involve old buildings, port scenes, and vanishing landmarks.
Primarily self-taught, and inspired by the Wyeths, John Singer Sargent and Edward Hopper, Andi is fascinated by how paint can catch the slanting light on the side of a building, a chair, a coffee pot and turn such mundane elements into highly collectible works of art. Andi continues to refine her technique and has found her true voice painting streetscapes and glowing, intimate still lifes.