Language of Imagination


Language of Imagination | May 1, 2017 - August 11, 2017

With a unique perspective, every artist has the ability to use the provocative language of the imagination, forcing the viewer to contemplate and question the art. Whether it’s exploring nature, ordinary objects, or their innermost thoughts, artists make us think and feel by focusing on colors, shapes and textures. Language of Imagination includes artwork of every medium and style--the bold and colorful, abstract and traditional, quiet and chaotic.
“Art 3 represents a very diverse group of artists”, according to Joni Taube, gallery owner and curator. “Our customers are both residential and corporate, each searching for a unique piece of art or an addition to their collection. We attempt to display a very diverse show, allowing consumers to find a piece that appeals to them.” With over 70 new England artists on display, “Language of Imagination” encompasses a world of inspiration, emotion and interest.